Saturday, November 7

No substance / random update

Well, G, it seems I haven't posted anything of substance on this blog lately (that is, in the last year or so).

I figured it's high time I did something about it, started this post, then realized that this post will actually not increase the general noise-to-signal ratio on the blog (yeah, I'm full of myself).

Let's see:
  • I'm starting work in a week or so. It's a relatively large consulting umbrella company dispatching consultants to various clients.
  • I am moving forward with all this and I finally feel I'm making some progress (yeah, it's all subjective).
  • My focus shifted somewhat:
  • I'm no longer doing any shamanic work, reiki is at the moment suspended (I still watch my awareness from time to time though) but I started looking into more concrete and down-to-earth things (something that was missing in my oh-so-spiritual life).
  • I'm preparing for a trip to Thailand.
  • It's an idea that was taken at the wrong moment (or is that the right moment afterall? I can never tell) from a financial and organizational point of view, something that I jumped right into without thinking much. These kinds of decisions have their place I guess.
  • I am back into photography,
  • having taken the lead in organizing the photography meetups in Bruxelles.
  • I'd like to get into Aikido again,
  • but that's very much a matter of opportunity right now.

There's a bunch of other stuff going on, but I'll post some of that later on.


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