Friday, November 20

First Week

First week in a new place just finished and here are some impressions:

I would expect driving to Liege and back every day to be tiring, but (to my surprise) I look forward to it. Maybe it's the novelty; maybe it's the car; maybe I just have low standards ;)

Whatever it is, it's fun.

The guys in office are nice (yeah, most people are decent people and nice, each in their own way); they are nice people though and that's what matters. They speak french though, and I understand enough to figure what they're talking about, but not enough to get the jokes :(. I'm getting better at it, and I'm sure I'll get there ... eventually.

My tasks are OK also. I cleaned up some code these days and made it work (for some reason I enjoy making code work better, refactoring and all that jazz). I am also in that phase where everything is new and tasks that I usually don't like (like testing) are opportunities to find out something about the industry. At this point it's all good.

I also find a new sense of purpose for myself, that comes from keeping busy all day. It's nothing surprising (I was expecting it) but it's a welcome change.

There are the pros; the cons?

I am still getting used to the schedule (I'm tired), the car I got is a mess (and I'll be cleaning it tomorrow - thankfully) and I need to get myself some secondary activity on the way to Liege - either some good music, or some french lessons CDs (or something similar).

It's all good though.

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