Friday, April 10

Selling Bike for Peanuts

I'll be selling my bike these days. It's an orange 1996 Yamaha DragStar, at 400cc. Since I only have two weeks to get rid of it, it will go for peanuts.

Here are some (older) pictures:
Yamaha Dragstar XVS400 (2)

Yamaha DragStar XVS400

Yamaha Dragstar XVS400 (3)

My bike, at the third stop

my bike (3)

So ... if you have anyone who has a brother who has a neighbour who's cousin wants the bike, tell them to drop me a message, or leave a comment with some contact information.

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jay said...

....really??? I want it...! :D how much is it?

utnapistim said...

If you come here, I'll give it to you for two bags of peanuts.