Tuesday, April 21

In Kaunertal

I'm in Kaunertal. It is a small town in the middle of nowhere, 30 minutes by car from some nice slopes, on top of a permanent glacier, near Innsbruck, Austria.

We are staying at FeichtnerHof, a pretty impressive 4 star hotel, and the food is to die for.

Other impressions ... let's see:
The ski slopes are good, except their color coding is wrong: there is one black slope which should be red, a couple of blue ones that should be red also, and no slopes that should be black at all.

The snow started melting on the lower slopes, but each night it freezes again, each day it snows and the guys there take great care, so the upper slopes are good every morning.

I got mysself a pair of skis (atomics). The ones I had been using were crap (vibrating like crazy once I got any amount of speed to speak of).

The Alps are great to see, great to drive through and great to capture in pictures (I'll post some once I get home and make the time to process them).

My brother is a maniac behind the steering wheel (though luckily he seems to generally know what he's doing).

I haven't fallen yet on the skis and my favorite slope is the black one. I've had a few close calls though.

Weissbier (usually Edelweiss) is great to have at the restaurant on the slope, but it tends to rouin skiing afterwards).


Anonymous said...

Danone, are you actually leaving Cyprus? To where next, Belgium? :)

utnapistim said...

I think so. My plans are not set in stone at this point, but that would be the general direction.