Tuesday, March 31

One Year

At a police unit advancement exam, there were three candidates. To test their detective skills, the first one was presented with a profile picture of a suspect and asked to state what he noticed, immediately after.

He said "The suspect has only one year." Of course, the examiners got angry and he was disqualified from the exam.

The second candidate was presented the same picture and he said "The suspect has one year." The examiners got even angrier and he was disqualified also.

The third candidate looked at the picture and he said "The suspect wears contact lenses." The examiners looked at each other, then one of them ran to the desk, got the suspect's file and looked through it. Then, he turned to the candidate and said:

"That was amazing! You were able to deduct from a small, unclear lateral picture of the suspect that he wears contacts. How did you do that?!"

"Well, it was easy." said the candidate. "The suspect can't wear glasses because he only has one year."