Monday, March 23

almost boycoting experts-exchange (rant)

I have started a personal movement of (almost) boycotting

Here's why: Let's say I have a technical problem and am looking for a solution.

I hit a Google search, find a description of my problem within the first page of results, then open it, only to have to scroll down and get a screen like this:
expert-exchange annoyance

Here's what's wrong with this err ... picture:

First, I don't want to have to create create an account to view the solution.
Second, I don't want to create an account that will expire in seven days, unless I pay for it.
Third, I don't want to pay for it.

Due to this, I just wasted time (and bandwidth) opening a link, to read again the description of my problem, and get a message that basically said a solution to your problem exists.

experts-exchange, stop wasting my time!

So, what will I do with this?

Nothing much.

I will delete all experts-exchange results from my google search results. To the degree google adapts the search results to user modifications, I will either stop seeing them altogether, or see them less often, or (maybe even) cause others to see them less often.

If I have the time, I will also create a grease-monkey script that does that "automagically".

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Eduard said...

Good choice...I had the same problems..I avoid this as much as possible :)