Friday, December 14

interesting nothings

I found a good explanation (or theory at least), on why men are more attractive, when surrounded by beautiful women (before reading it, I thought it's because they're in their natural environment).

Apparently, in our office, a lesbian network cable is a female-to-female connector network cable.

Also, in completely unrelated news, we have to stay away from Western Digital hardware. They have introduced a very powerful antifeature: any sound files on your HDD are, by decision of Western Digital, blocked from being shared (yes, even if you actually created the files or simply own all rights to them).

Regarding oil, it seems that Frank Pringle created a recycling machine that extracts raw oil and natural gas out of anything based on hydrocarbons. At least that's what the article said.

Another interesting thing is the best explanation on why we will never find intelligent life in the universe: We're made out of meat!

And that's it for now; I'll post some more, later.

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