Thursday, December 28

post-Christmas update

So ... yeah ... it's about three AM and I'm ready to turn in for the night.

I've been down with fever for the last two days (wasn't much fun, but it was a cure of watching Discovery Channel, reading, drinking tea and sleeping that got me through).

Christmas was fun (except the cold, that is) and I left my bike at S's place (tomorrow morning I'll have to be there at 8:30 AM to pick it up :( ).

Anyway, as a side note (I found this on Bruce Schneier's blog) check this genius out: he contacted some hackers (without knowing who's behind their website), whom he wanted to change his college notes for his political carrier.

The guys gave it to him in style: asked him about carrier pigeons on campus, then squirrels, then told him how they'd apply all the moves hackers used in movies "only better", then published all the email conversation.
The whole romance ends with them being busted over usage of rot-26 (nice touch guys!)

Anyway, I'm off to the kitchen for some cold-pills before bed.

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