Thursday, June 8

random update

This is the first time since coming in Israel that I didn't bring my camera with me; it's because we (the company) are celebrating the summer festival (or something sounding similar enough anyway), so we're going to a waterpark around here (for water, some organized concert, a surprize and ... I don't remember what else).

Anyway ... yesterday we changed hotels, moving from Tal to Cinema and they are ... different.

Although in the same class, I might miss the larger room (and bathtub) and being 100m from the beach; on the other hand, now we're 100m from Dizengoff mall which is good (we should be able to find open shops after 10pm withouth walking for half an hour at least), and the room, while smaller, is more ... goodlooking somehow.

In other news ... on Saturday we're probably visiting ... Hurgada if I remember our plans correctly (and I usually don't), and on Friday I might arrange for a dive in the morning ... I'll see how it goes I guess ...

I also want to find some fabled photography shop on Alenby street (wherever that is) to get a faster lens for my camera but since I'm sure this is oh-so-very-interesting for everybody, I'll end my rablings right about ....

here :)

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