Saturday, June 17

in eilat

so ... i'm in eilat;

i'm in the lobby at the hotel, waiting for L and B to check out (I allready did) so we can go catch a bus.

it's been two hectic days ... for me at least; I had two dives yesterday (big fish, coral, warm water, everything I was hoping to find) and today we visited the dolphins ... reef (i think it's named).

I have mixed feelings about that:
I did a dive with a guide named Tzavi (again, if I spelled that correctly) and it was great.

I saw dolphins that were enjoying themselves ... or at least they looked like they did ...

... and they are stil captive; If I'd have known about it I wouldn't have gone; I'm not sory I did but ... I stil wouldn't have.

T was telling me what to do and not do ("don't touch the dolphins" stuff) because they've worked hard to achieve something there ... and they have ...

... but it's stil captive dolphins.

yup ...
mixed feelings.

Here are some pictures:

divers preparing to get wet

jumping in the water is forbidden


parrot at Siam Divers

random windsurfer

coctail on another table

kytesurfer on the red sea


restaurant on the beach

just an ashtray

utnapistim in the lobby


Anonymous said...

if you are still in tel aviv, maybe i can help. tell what you are looking for and i tell you where you can find it.

utnapistim said...

who are you? feel free to drop me an email