Friday, March 10

no coffee and a busy weekend

here I am, on a weekend afternoon drinking decaf and blogging away ...

What happened?


I felt adventurous a few days ago and started comming to office on skates; it's shaky, it's fun and I get a brain-massage over some areas on the road, and the movement in the mornings and evenings keeps me alert all day and I find myself not needing so much coffee over the day;

Regarding the weekend ... it's like this:
Si is leaving for the States in a week or so, and tonight she's throwing a farewell party;

tomorrow morning I'll ...
I have actually no idea what I'll do, but I might go diving in Paphos; As usual, it depends on the weather, what I drink tonight and the planetary alignment to the constelation of Taurus or something.

For the evening again, I have no definite plans (like Dalai Llama's 'good traveler') but skates are a definite maybe ... so to speak.

... and then, there is sunday: depending on the weather, what the monster-pet eats tonight and the planetary alignment to the Voices in my head, I might do the Zen again.

I'll be waiting from a call from P.

We might get together to play some cards also. That remains to be seen.

That's about it for now ... I'll get back to my 'why-doesn't-the-server-send-it's-notifications' problem.

See ya around people,
utnapistim online

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