Monday, March 13

I finally dived again

For the last three months I've been planning to go diving every week; Ofcourse, being as lazy as I am (among other things I am proud of), I either kept putting it off, or started making the plans way to late, every time.

Well ... not this weekend (granted, I was a bit desperate at this point).

Saturday I woke at 6AM (paradoxically well-rested and fresh), played HL deathmatch for two hours, then arranged for a diving trip to Paphos with CyDive again;

I got there, got kitted up and took a boat to the valley dive site.

We were a party of three: me (probably the only diving guy out there nuts enough to want to dive at the time), the dive leader (to whom I still have to send some pictures) and a new instructor trainee who had to be taken to the site so he would know it in the future.

The water entry was ... rough: after not diving for three months, I was a bit shakey and after a back-roll the water gave a true shock to my system (15.5 degrees Celsius :(); I also got some air trapped in my BC and had trouble descending, so that was a bit more effort; at some point, close to one minute into the dive, I found myself breathing hard, tired and on the edge of a panic attack.

Then, I figured it out and solved it by the book (the "stop-breathe-think-act" thingy, I only needed to stop and breathe for the anxiety to ebb away).

From that point, it was more or less, smooth; I realized though that I had forgotten my torch on the boat so I didn't get to play with it much.

Anyway, it was a good dive
(Water temp: 15.5 Celsius
Average depth: 18.5 metres
Maximum depth: 25.7 metres
Time in: 14:08
Time out: 14:48
Pressure in: 200 bar
Pressure out: 50 bar
Safety stop: 3 minutes @ 5.5 metres
Visibility: 6 metres

Anyway, after the dive I got home (and slept on the way like a pro), got the skates out and went on the sea-front with B;

Then I went home again and went bowling with some of the new guys. It was a damn-full day!

I got home around one (I think), and went to sleep, brick-style.

As a comparision, on Sunday I did nothing; Nothing at all! (I mean ... I made a salad, and set up my telnet server on SUSE for F and L to use, but those took 30 minutes taken together!)

I also played some half-life, and wasted time like a pro.

... and that's that!

utnapistim, currently at work.

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