Thursday, November 3


it happened around a week ago;

and i was sleeping (well ... duh!).

what am I talking about?
LD of course.

i was in sharm ... and all i remember now is that i decided that if i was dreaming, i might as well dream of flying.

it was great. really really cool!

and i found out that it's not so much a matter of what you do before going to bed (as i seemed to grasp from all those technique things i read about), but how you sleep.

it's in how deep you sleep and getting an impulse of looking at what you're up to ... while sleeping.

it looks like a good start ... to nothing in particular.

see you arround people :)


Linguist-in-Waiting said...

I never had a lucid dream yet, or maybe, I already had one, but I don't remember. Any suggestions on how to induce one?

utnapistim said...

what i can tell you about them is i'm not an expert :D

there are lots of techniques of getting there, from trance when going to sleep to decision/suggestion to dream when going to sleep to interrupting sleep devices and beeping timers etc.

there's lots of info on the net on this :)