Monday, November 28

ever get that feeling ...

it's monday morning ... (i know, i know! just thinking about it puts a bad spin on your mood).

... but!

do you ever get that feeling that everything is right in the world? of ... perfection?

well ... I knew you didn't, but i do.

i mean ... yeah, it's monday morning ... but it's still perfect; and you might still want to be in bed (and that's ok ... it's perfect too) ...

but i don't want to be in bed and the fact that i don't want to is just fine.

i know i'm not making that much sense right now (infact, when do i ever?!) but ... things are just the way they should be; (if you don't see that, take my word for it)

you're where you chose to be (no, that might not be where you wanted to be, but you're definitely where you chose to be); and the fact that you might want to change things does not dimnish the perfection - it never did!

so, sit down in silence for a few moments (even if there are sounds around, make enough silence within that you can hear your breath for some time), then look at the world and tell me:

do you ever get that feeling that everything's right as it should be?
that everything is perfect?

... just wonderings of a monday morning ...

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