Friday, August 12

anatomy of my weekend


i'm doing the agia napa thing again :)

C asked me earlyer if i wanted to go (and guess what i answered). this means that i'll only be in office on sunday and monday (yeah, for those who don't know, monday is supposed to be a hollyday).

so ... that means we'll leave tomorrow morning and probably be there till evening. i also have to write a CD/DVD for the guys there (don't know if i'll make it in time), also have to make my computer work properly (i'm trying to convince CVS server to start on my redhat partition) ...

which reminds me:
never (and i mean never ever!) argue with a linux guy!
they are strongwilled people! (otherwise they wouldn't be linux-guys in the first place!)

and that is because you need a huge amount of patience (or stubbornness, or both) to cope with configuring linux (usually it all works well untill you come into a problem :|; and then you start the fun).

anyway, on monday i might go diving around limassol; and i have to be in office (G! i hate these strong conflicts of interests!) i mean ... i didn't get wet in weeks!

i'm finishing this ... anatomy (and ramblings) session at this point, as i have to get back to work.

(that's like ... good bye in italian! right?)

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