Friday, February 26

Change is Good

This is my last day in this company. I was hired for two projects here, both of which were successes (methinks) and now it's time to depart.

I will have to clear my browser cache, my local files (I kept my CV in My Documents and all that), and I will have to make sure I didn't leave any incriminating papers on my desk (err ... not that I'd have anything to hide - I mean).

Seriously though, as strange as it may sound, I will miss the one hour drive to office every morning (I drove with the window open as I came uphill this morning, to catch the morning's fresh air in the small forest).

I will also miss the too-sweet-not-warm-enough-cappuccino made by the machine down the hall and these guys that I've known for three months, and whose jokes I still don't understand (as they speak French among themselves and they speak too fast for me to understand).

Through all that, I have this feeling of change, of new beginnings.

I still have no idea where I'll be Monday morning, but at this point it doesn't matter.

Change is good.


Dragoş said...

It's Monday. Where are you? Baftă!

utnapistim said...


I am at the company (my hiring company, reading my email).

I will be having a few interviews this week to establish where I'll be next week (so to speak).