Tuesday, September 8

Randy Pausch on Time Management

Some ideas from the talk:

  • Time is the only commodity that matters
  • Very few people equate time with money
  • The money is not important. You can earn it later. Your time - you can never get it back.
  • Time management is a mean, not an end. The end is to maximize fun.
  • Being successfull doesn't make you manage your time well. It's the other way around.
  • Doing things right is wrong focus. Do the right things instead.
  • If things are not going well, it means you're learning a lot. They will go better later.
  • If you can dream it, you can do it. (Walt Disney) If you refuse to allow yourself to dream it, you won't do it.
  • Plan on multiple levels (today, this week, this semster), but be fluid. Have a plan.
  • Break things into small steps.
  • Being a boss is about growing your people.
  • When you do lots of things, do the uglyest thing first.
  • cluttered paperwork leads to thrashing.

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