Saturday, August 1

UFOs on Youtube - kind of

I came upon a movie on youtube where Paul Hellyer, ex vice-premier of Canada(*) talks about UFOs and exopolitics.

Usually when I see stuff like this I look for reasons it is wrong (errors in logic, leaps of faith and so on). The guy was unassuming and not trying to convince anyone (well ... not is any obvious way) as the interview is not on a "hey they are real" tone, but more about expolitics as they are currently practiced (?!).

Then, I decided that I'd like to see what else one can find on UFOs on youtube and came upon some interesting stuff.

Following are three videos - feel free to come up with your own conclusions (**):

First, here's the original interview:

Here's a compilation of UFO (that is, flying objects that were not/could not be identified, not necessarily aliens) sightings, most of them official footage from the Russian Space Agency and NASA:

Here's a montage/interview with Buzz Aldrin recalling an encounter with ... something during the Apollo 11 mission:

There are much more, but the sources and connections they do are ... making me stay away.

(*) He was not actually Vice Premier. The position was (according to wikipedia) Senior Minister in the Cabinet, a position roughly equivalent to what the Vice Premier position is today.

(**) I automatically dismissed videos with titles like "MUST SEE!!! ABSOLUTELY AUTHENTIC" and generally videos commented in ALL CAPS or with lots of exclamation marks, people talking with what seemed to me to be a quasi-fanatical conviction and so on.

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Andrei said...

I wonder why all those little green aliens want to discuss only with the governments and especially the US government. Why they don't talk for example with the Switzerland's government?