Sunday, July 19

Midnight Ramblings - and the Half-Blood Prince

It's midnight and I felt the need to write. I'm not sure why; maybe I needed somebody to listen to my thoughts and ramblings and there was nobody available. It doesn't matter much 'why' I guess.

We went and saw Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince tonight (just got home). I found it entertaining (in the same way I used to find fan fiction entertaining), but the party I was with, got bored.

I can see where they're coming from: the movie is a continuation of the previous one, and ends by opening the path to the action in the last book of the Harry Potter series. Thus, you have no introduction at the beginning and no ending at the end and the characters are completely unknown if you haven't seen the previous ones.

I wanted to post some more random stuff (like "hey, when I go to sleep I like standing in the dark in my room and watching the clouds pass by in the sky outside") but I'm getting sleepy, tomorrow is a long day, and it's around my usual bed time.

As such, good night and all that.
Pleasant dreams!

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