Wednesday, April 23

Mind Over Matter

The Intention Experiment is the largest public scientific experiment (that is, using a double-blind setup) in the influence if intention, over matter.

From the website:

In the pilot experiment, McTaggart asked a group of 16 meditators based in London to direct their thoughts to four remote targets in Dr. Popp’s laboratory in Germany: two types of algae, a plant and a human volunteer.

The meditators were asked to attempt to lower certain measurable biodynamic processes. Popp and his team discovered significant changes in all four targets while the intentions were being sent, compared to times the meditators were ‘resting’.

It's interesting to see actual scientific rigor applied to this (I've seen many experiments in this field that could have been easily dismissed due to either placebo effect or observer bias).

Actually, I'm planning to participate in this and follow the results closely.

Edit: I forgot to mention: I found out about this at GNN.

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