Monday, March 24

new office

Well ... we moved. The office is more or less at the same location (three hundred meters down the road) but we have mountains view, sea view, more space, more light, and all kinds of other good things.

As it is now, I feel a cool breeze in my back (large thermo-pane windows are open wide), and everything is right in the world ... or something (this will probably change somewhat when the AC unit on my side will need to be turned on but who cares?)

There are also cardboard boxes and packaging wraps all around, people are still unpacking stuff and part of the network hasn't been set up yet, but this comes with the territory.

In the meantime, I can see the mountains, right in front of me. I'll probably put some pictures up at one point or another, but right now my home laptop is kind-of broken and I need to get something new so ... in the meantime ... no pictures processing :(

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Anonymous said...

Congrats on your new window seat. I guess everything IS right in the world after all, isn't it?

Ah, and the AC units... You can stand on your desk, reach up and turn those plastic things, they have some rubber at one of the ends and you can turn them in such a way that air doesn't come out of them any more. Either that, or you can do like the others who don't know the trick and use scotch tape to paste paper over the plastic things...

Good luck!