Friday, January 4

there goes a new camera

I had been planning to get a Nikon d80, for some time now. Since it's not quite cheap, I had it planned as "the big expense" for this month, and was seeing it as a new relaunch into photography (as my interest has faded a bit since I've been having problems with my current camera setup).

Either way, it won't happen, at least not this month:

Yesterday morning, while the tarmac was wet from the rain, I managed a spectacular breaking on my motorbike, sliding on the back-wheel (around 4 metres or so), followed by laying the bike down on the right side and me close to doing a follow-up slide, on my protective gear)*. Thankfully all the incoming traffic stopped and no cars hit me, but my expenses this month will be divided between holiday in Bruxelles (yeah, that still stands :D) and fixing my bike (that is, not "Bruxelles and getting a new camera").

Then again, for getting a camera, there's always the next month ... even though I was hoping to get a new computer. I'll have to choose, I guess.

* - Since I know I'll be asked, I didn't injure myself. I believe I pulled a muscle though when lifting the bike back up (it didn't hurt then, but' it was a bit uncomfortable this morning). Also, regarding technical details, the fault was that of a driver that started cutting my lane coming in from a side-road (I had priority). He was twenty metres in front of me and kept advancing slowly into my lane while looking at the cars coming from the other direction.

Whose fault it was, hardly matters though, especially as I could have gone a little slower (considering the tarmac was wet) but don't tell anyone that ;).

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