Monday, March 19


surface interval, this Sunday at the White Chappel, Cyprus
I finally went diving again ...

Yesterday, me and Si did two dives at the White Chappel, near Agia Napa; The weather was nice and we ended up spending over 70 minutes underwater.

It was a bit cold for the 3.5 mm of my wet-suit though.

Dive technical data:

First entry: 09:59 AM
First exit: 10:33 AM
Max depth: 21.2 meters
Average depth: 12.5 meters
Safety stop: 3 minutes at 5.5 meters
Water temperature: 16.6 deg. Celsius

Second entry: 11:23 AM
Second exit: 12:02 AM
Max depth: 20.5 meters
Average depth: 12.2 meters
Safety stop: 3 minutes at 5 meters
Water temperature: 16.3 deg. Celsius

It was a good day for diving, despite being a little cold ... and I got my fill of endorphines.

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