Wednesday, March 30

on destiny ...

yesterday evening i had a phone call with M. i was on my way home and decided to call her and catch up on things (since we hadn't spoken in some time)

anyway, after we spoke for a while she told me something i've been waiting to hear in a long time (one of those obvious things i don't see unless someone else points them to me).

afterwards, i had this feeling that i've passed through a food-for-thought moment in my life; that somehow all my experience, all my ... whatever it was till that moment prepared me for it, and i had just reached a turning point.

that was not it

because i only hear what i want to hear ... like the rest of us: we only see what we're ... mature (or open) enough to see.

like, sometimes you want to help and offer someone your help, and the one you want to help receives something entirely different on his side:

like hassle

or the fact that you don't consider him/her capable of being without your precious help

or something along those lines

so, you could say that if it hadn't been some particular chain of events to lead to that particular personal revelation on my part, it would have been an entirely different one, leading to another outcome (well ... that's obvious! :) ) ... and you could also argue that that other chain of (relatively small and unrelated) events lead to a predestined outcome ... or not (argued that is).

in the end it's not a matter of predestination, but a matter of choice.

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